Google Web Designer Undocumented #2: Easter Egg


In this little article, I just want to tell you a little secret, that literally nobody from outside Google has ever heard about. Actually we had to ask the developers directly, whether something like that has been implemented or not and to the surprise of the developers, nobody has detected the little secret so far, although the solution seemed to be so obvious.

Like most Google tools, Google Web Designer – of course – has its own little Easter Egg. Compared to most Easter Eggs, this one follows the original approach of honoring the developers and is a little bit more private.

And here is, how you can find it: If you click on „Help“ > „About Google Web Designer“, just click on the „D“ of the Google Web Designer logo and an image of Tony appears. He is one of the original Product Managers of Google Web Designer, loves Metal Music and tries to play on his bass guitar as often as possible…  and this is how his team secretly honors him.

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